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Our Challenge for 2022 is "FORWARD"

It is easy to become comfortable. Sometimes we like where we are at and we don't want to move. Or maybe we look at everything we have accomplished and feel like we have arrived. One of the greatest struggles is to move "FORWARD!" The truth is... we were created to keep moving FORWARD... which is why the Christian life is often called the "Christian Walk" or "Walk with God." The challenge is to recognize what God is calling us to do and move forward in obedience. Our goal is for everyone to take (at least) "one step" FORWARD for God in 2022! Will you join us in this challenge?!

Sermon Series...


We greatly enjoy having Parent/ Teen Sunday School; it is exciting to see teens and their parents studying God's Word together. I believe the teens especially enjoy watching their parents be involved in the Bible Study. Our next Parent/Teen Sunday School is TBA; mark your calendar and plan on joining us! The next parent & teen event is our Vision Night on Sept. 16th at 6:45m!

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Our facebook page is updated weekly. It provides pictures of our activities, info on current issues, and encouraging media.

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Our Instagram page is updated weekly. It provides pictures of our activities, info on current issues, and encouraging media. Another media resource to reach more people and stay connected.

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Texting App: Remind

A group text messaging app that is used for last minute changes or details for teen events. To join just text "@PastorBret" to 81010

A mirror is intended to give you an accurate reflection of yourself; in Revelation 2-3 Jesus has a letter written to seven churches. The message given is meant to help them shine and be the church God created them to be. As we look at these seven letters, we should be challenged to allow God's Word to show us where we are when it comes to our relationship with Him and with others. This is our Wednesday Sermon Series for Sept - Oct.

Check out our church website for church news and highlights.

Fellowship of Christians Athletes hosts an event called fields of faith. This is a county wide event that has the purpose of gathering together in the name of Jesus and worshipping Him. For this night (Oct. 19th) we will meet at Loganville Highschool to help out and join in. Drop off & pickup will be there. 


If you would like to learn more about personal discipleship or even family discipleship, please let us know!

This may surprise you, but often our reasoning is off. For example we think to be great we have to have money, or a prominent position yet God says to be great we have to be serve others. Often our mindset is off from what God says. Join us as we look at what God's Word says; we will be examining 13 Principles that will help our Christian Life.

NTBC Youth Ministry

We greatly value your imput & insight. How can we better serve you and your family?! Please let us know what we can do to assist you all.

Snacks are such a great way to minister to ...well...anyone. There something great about coming to youth group and being met by friendly peope and seeing a table full of snacks. If you would like to bring a snack for our teens please contact us. We ask that the snack is pre-packaged and if you are wondering what they like...pretty much anything (think salty & sweet). There is a sign up sheet that we put out every semester as well! Thank you so much for investing in our young people.

From time to time, we have an event called an "after-glow." An after-glow is simply a youth activity that is after the Sun Pm Service. We enjoy having after-glows at people's homes; this gives our teens and leaders a chance to hang out, have fun, and better know our church members. If you are willing to open up your home and provide food for a Youth event, please contact us. We would love to partner with you!



Host AfterGlow

Bring Snacks

Winter Refresh

Winter Retreat 2022

Date: December 26-30th

Has it been a crazy busy semester? Are you in need of rest & recharging? Join us for a time of encouragement, a time to be energized, and a time to be equipped. We will be joining Church 1025 for a trip to Panama City for a time to be refreshed. Join us at the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat. (Sign up ASAP to reserve your spot)

Cost: $175 (which includes $75 deposit)

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Talking about issues like smartphones, eating disorders, Snapchat, video games, and sexting with teens can be scary and complicated. But it doesn't have to be! AXIS created these PDFs to help you understand the things your teens face, how to have conversations about them, and how to Biblically disciple your teens into lifelong faith through it all. Click on the link below to view these current issues; $3.99 is well worth the price to learn how to Biblically address these current issues.

Parenting Guides


DATE: June 26th - 30th

Cost: TBD



Let's run it back... we are going to Teen Extreme. You will not only love the preaching of Pastor Ray McCormick but also the entire week!

Teen Extreme






What to expect...

Ages: 6th Grade thru 12th grade

SURGE is a Free EVENT!

* Lunch will be included & it will be good!

* Inside games/ competitions & chance to win some candy & prizes!

*Outside games & competitions

* 2 messages from God's Word that will change your life!

* Last game of the day will be a Color War; prepare to get messy! It will be great!

AUG. 26th

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Join us for

Youth Group

is BACK!!!

Wednesday, 6:45pm

Grades 7th-12th

Youth Group

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We are excited about what God is doing in NewLife 180! We are praying for you & your family!

Pastor Brett




Thank you so much for your desire for discipleship!


Thank you so much for your desire to minister to our Youth!


Thank you so much for your desire to minister!